Durango Film Festival Pictures

Ein Filmen Experimentalen was featured at the Durango Film Festival and the Cypress crew was there to cause trouble.

  Click any picture to increase the size   Some dorks arrive in town.
  Ryan's mom is fabulous!   Elevator confusion.
  Matt's impression of a mentally handicapped Elvis.   Dreaming about either pizza or Mark.
  Matt represents his gang while Elias has a terrible eye spasm.   The Last Supper.
  Matt's butt.   Elias settles into his "bed".
  This is actually how Matt sleeps!   Mark says, "Do you think this makes me look gay?"
  Ryan and his relatives do their impression of the Monkees.   "Where the hell are we supposed to go?"
  Mark takes a moment to convince his boss that he's actually still at his desk back in Denver.   Ryan says, "So you lost our print, eh? I'm going to beat your tiny ass!"
  "Look both ways before crossing, damnit!"   Matt is very proud of his badge.
  Elias is just plain tired of this crap.   Mark took this picture of himself. I swear.
  Heading up the line to a sold out show of Ein Filmen Experimentalen.   Matt says, "Has anyone seen my sunglasses?"


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