T. Elias Eversole


August 10, 2003 10:14 AM

Pensacola Florida

Ahhh. Florida. Here I am with the ladies. I'm not a two woman kind of guy, though. I chose the crab and oysters. My dad, who had taken the photo, chose the swordfish.

Padre at the helm. I'd like to tell you that he is backing out of the Gold's Gym Harbour, but, fortunately for humanity, there is no such thing. For those of you who arent boat enthusiasts, that equipment to the right is rope, metal and canvas. (Mainsheet, Boom and Mainsail, actually)
There she is. My true love. What's the big deal about a boat, you say. It means freedom, bigshooter. Note: these lucky individuals are above the need for a mere auto. Give me a bicycle anyday. Fuck cars.
This is the view from the deck if one were to be lying on it facing skyward. This and many others are among the daily chores and executive decisions on the high seas.
Here is a "Band". My dad and I are working on photo stitching. It is a photo composed of a series running from the stern of the boat to the bow. Click to enlarge these photos, especially this one


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